Another severe problem on the Main-Danube Canal

Standstill on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal: After a passenger ship wrecked the lower head of the Riedenburg lock June 5, which caused major damage to the lock gate, the competent waterways and shipping office had to close the lock, which has only one chamber, for shipping. A release for traffic after repair is not expected before the end of next week.

“The closure of the lock means massive damage to freight shipping. Given the currently good order situation for the industry in this trade and in view of the expected falling water levels, also a great economic damage is to be feared. The supply of agricultural, mining and fertiliser industry and the building materials sector is threatened by the day-long lock blocking,” warns Martin Staats (MSG), President of the Federation of German inland navigation (BDB). Also heavy goods transport in the Main-Danube area, which significantly relieve the dilapidated road network, come to a halt by this impairment.

Collisions with buildings of the waterway infrastructure, which often have serious consequences for the entire navigation far beyond the respective operating area, were more frequent in recent months. Martin Staats therefore points out the importance of education and training in the inland navigation industry.

“It must be ensured that well-trained personnel are working in inland waterway transport. Especially during prolonged periods of low water, which we probably have to expect more often in the future, require very good technical knowledge for safe navigation – even in non-optimal conditions,” said the BDB president.

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