Bayrischer Lloyd is preparing for future challenges

The Federal Association of German Inland Navigation (BDB) can once again welcome a new member in its ranks: The competent committees of the association have approved the application for admission of Bayerische Lloyd AG on 23 July.

The name Bayerischer Lloyd stands for more than 100 years of shipping and shipping history on the Danube. Under this flag, today a European group is operating from the big ARA ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) to the Romanian port city of Constanza – with branches and national companies in the Netherlands and the Danube countries.

In Straubing, the subsidiary SR-log with a trimodal transhipment facility provides an important interface between Western and Danube navigation. Bayerischer Lloyd AG is thus successfully living a common Europe in its day-to-day business.

The company has decided to become a member of the BDB, as the future challenges of the inland navigation industry, whether at national or European level, can only be mastered with a strong industry association that engages and effectively represents the whole of the industry.

“It is in line with the BL Group’s philosophy that the challenges of the future, such as digitisation, personnel requirements, apprenticeships and, in particular, the necessary technical revolutions to save resources and the environment can only be successfully addressed in the community of like-minded people”, explains Hans Frank, Bayrischer Lloyd.

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